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The May 2019 issue of TearSheet PDX is available, free to view in a browser or download as a PDF file. Hard copies are avaliable at printing cost ($12.20, or less in bulk) plus shipping.

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Previous issues, including April 2019, March 2019 , all 7 editions of February 2019 ( Queen of Hearts, Hearts and Gowns, Gowns Galore, Fluff and Flowers, Don't Miss the Train, Be My Valentine, Winged Victory), January 2019, December 2018, and November 2018 are still available, via web viewer (free), as a downloaded PDF (free), or as a freshly-printed hard copy (at printing + shipping costs).

About TearSheet PDX

Our aim is to offer a supportive, curated publishing outlet, for all artists inspired to create beauty, art, and style in fashion. We are based in Portland, OR.

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We welcome your feedback about our magazine. We invite collaborations with fashion designers, hair and makeup artists, models, photographers, and other members of the fashion community.

Submission Guide

Please read everything here; it's all important to us.

We appreciate your interest in our new magazine, TearSheet PDX. We are happy to offer this opportunity for our fellow artists. Currently, this effort is a transaction-free zone. There's no money, no bartering. We do not charge for reviewing images and other content, or for giving feedback. We do not pay for images and other content. Advertisements are free of charge. The electronic forms of the magazine are made available at no charge. We do not spend money on marketing. Printed hard copies are available from the online printing service MagCloud at cost (20 cents per page, minus volume discount, plus shipping) but we do not do any business with them, apart from uploading content - we are neither charged nor paid for printed magazines. We hope that collaborating with us creates value for everyone who contributes.

We welcome inquiries about advertising. We sometimes invite select collaborators and supporters to submit ads. Ads are submitted as full-page JPG image files, and must conform to image submission requirements (see below). Any text must be positioned at least 0.5 inch from the edge of the image, to ensure that text is not cut off when the page is trimmed to size. The PDF form of the magazine is 8.5 x 11.0 inches; however, printed, trimmed magazine pages are smaller than 8.5 x 11.0 inches, and left pages are different from right pages, due to the printing/binding process. The print service does not use "bleed marks" or other methods of traditional printing. The trim boundaries vary slightly, so the 0.5 inch margin should be either filled with a solid color or gradient (or white) or should be a continuous, non-critical part of an image that fills the 8.5 x 11 inch page to the edges, and can be trimmed without detrimental effect.

We welcome inquiries regarding submitting articles. We are especially interested in publishing articles relevant to fashion, beauty, design, the arts, and related topics. Articles should be discussed with us in detail before submission. Articles should be submitted as Microsoft Word documents, with the suggested position of any images indicated by text placeholders. Images intended to accompany an article do not have to meet the dimensional requirements that apply to full page images (see below). Article text and images are subject to editing, resizing, and formatting.


We do not violate copyrights. Unfortunately, we live in a litigious world, and we don't want to be sued.

If you submit images and other content to us, we understand that you grant us an unlimited, non-exclusive license to share and publish the images or other content. We understand that you agree to hold us harmless in any copyright dispute that arises from our publication of the content you submit. We understand that you have the legal right to submit content for publication, either because you have created it yourself, or because you have been granted suitable rights in writing by the creator. If you are not the creator, we expect that you will inform us of this, and provide documented evidence that you have suitable rights.

In particular, if we accept photographic images you have created yourself, we ask for a signed photography release (download PDF file here). A scanned PDF file of the signed form is acceptable. If you are not the photographer, we ask that you supply us with a signed release from the photographer, and the photographer's contact information, or equivant proof that you have the right to grant us an unlimited, non-exclusive license to publish the images.

Sorry about the formalities. Our lawyer says we have to. Historically, it's the fault of that guy Hamilton, the one with his face on the ten dollar bill.

Temporary Pre-Publication Exclusivity

Once we have informed you that we have accepted images or other content for publication, we expect the content will not be shared or published elsewhere until after we have published it ourselves.

For obvious reasons, we prefer to publish images and other content that have not been previously seen by the public. In addition, posting, sharing,or publication of closely related images from a photo shoot (or other related content) is also an issue for us. We may be willing to make exceptions for content that has seen limited exposure and/or has outstanding merit, provided that we discuss this with you in advance. If, on the other hand, we discover after the fact that such content has been posted, shared or published elsewhere, prior to publication and without our knowlege, we may choose to withdraw the content from the printed magazine and related electronic media.

That said, any images or other content that we accept for publication may be posted, shared, or published elsewhere immediately after the relevant TearSheet PDX issue is published. We greatly appreciate credit to TearSheet PDX for posting, sharing, and re-publishing content after the initial publication date.

Other Details

We will generally notify you within a week whether your submission is accepted. If it is not, we will reply to you with a statement as to why your images weren’t accepted, to help you for future submissions.

Please submit two or more images. An even number of images is best.

If you believe you have a worthy cover image, by all means, please do submit it. Please keep in mind that there is only one front cover page per issue, so it may be challenging to get a cover image published.

Please submit your complete contact and social media information: name, addrress, email, phone, website, Instagram page, Facebook page, etc.

Credits are required for clothing and accessory designers, models and modeling agencies, makeup and hair artists, and photographers. Facebook and Instagram social media handles, web sites, or equivalent contact information is required.

At present, we don’t require submissions to fit any particular theme. Later, we may specify a theme for each issue.

TearSheet PDX focuses on fashion, so our models wear clothes. We believe that all forms of art have their place in the world, but we do not plan to publish images containing nudity or, in general, implied nudity. No judgement here, we are just exercising a bit of discretion on behalf of our intended readership.

The reasons for an image being declined may include quality of lighting, quality of makeup and hair artistry, quality of models, images that haven’t been retouched sufficiently well, or images that don’t fit into a particular issue of the magazine. Please don't take it personally. Less than 1% of images we create ourselves are ever published.

We may accept some of your images or other content, and decline some. Again, nothing personal, it's just the editorial process.

We do publish editorial stories. In general, however, each image of a particular model should have a different look, meaning different clothing and/or makeup and hair. If multiple images of one look are submitted, we may decide to select and publish only one of them.

To submit images, please upload the files to a sharable folder on a cloud service, such as Dropbox.com, and share the folder via a link to our .

Full page image requirements

If you have any questions or concerns about meeting these requirements, please us. We'll be happy to help.